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What is a plain text QR code?

The Plain Text QR Code is a type of Static Code, which means that the information contained within it cannot be changed after it is generated. Before printing, always perform numerous test scans to ensure that the information is correct.

How does a Plain Text QR Code function?

It is a form of Static Code, which means that once generated, the material cannot be altered. The content can take the shape of text, numbers, special characters, emojis, or a mix of all of these. A Plain Text QR Code may accommodate content of up to 300 characters in length.

What are the benefits of using a Plain Text QR Code?

  1. It is simple and easy

    Plain Text QR Code is the way to go if you need to display a simply written text without printing the complete material. It can be used to display a coupon code, WiFi password, instructions, and much more.

  2. Flexiblity

    QR codes are no longer only available in black and white. You can change the colors to fit your personal or commercial needs. You may even add your own logo to make it truly unique.

  3. Compatibility

    Plain Text QR Codes may be scanned and read by any QR Code scanner and opened as text files by any application. Furthermore, it does not require an internet connection to function!

  4. It is free

    When you use our QR Code generator to generate a Plain Text QR Code, there are no charges associated. Simply enter the content to be shown, customize the QR Code, and download. You are free to use it for business or non-commercial purposes.

Have more questions?

You may certainly add your own logo to be shown in the center of the QR Codes generated by our QR Code generator. If you don't have one, you can use our pre-made "Scan Me" logo instead.
You only need to utilize a QR code generator that allows you to create plain text QR codes, such as plotterwave plain text qr code generator. Once in the QR code generator, select "Text" as your data type and enter the text to be encoded. Check to see that your QR code is working properly before downloading.
Yes, you can make one with an email address, subject line, and body content using our Email QR Code generator.
Send text, numbers, or emoticons to others. Use the Plain Text QR Code to display a quiz result, arithmetic problem solution, inventory stock tag, or simply a secret message between pals. Whatever you choose to use it for, you can type up to 300 characters.