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Compress images using the best image compressor. It uses a smart optimization algorithm to shrink images to the minimum possible size while maintaining the image quality


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Compression Quality

Choose the quality that the final image should have. The larger the file size, the better the quality. Thus, a lower quality will also result in a smaller file size.




What is image compression?

Compression in digital files refers to the act of encoding information with fewer bits than what is found in the original file. Simply described, it is the process of reducing a large file to a smaller file size.


How does the image compressor work?

This image compressor app intelligently analyzes submitted photos and compresses them to the shortest file size feasible while maintaining overall quality.

To begin, you'll need to submit a couple of pictures that you want to compress. You can upload up to 30 images at once and mix and match file formats. In other words, you don't have to upload only JPEG images and then wait for PNG images. Our app can automatically parse the files for you.

First, select "Browse" and navigate to your images. Once uploaded, thumbnails for all of your images will appear in the queue. Then press the "COMPRESS" button in order to start compressing the images. As our optimizer examines them, you'll be able to observe their real-time progress.

You can also adjust the "COMPRESSION QUALITY" by using the slider. The higher the quality the bigger in size of compressed image while the lesser the quality the smaller in size of the compressed image.

When you're done with the current batch, click the "DOWNLOAD ALL" button. This will generate a ZIP file containing all of your compressed photos. If you don't need all of them, you may take them individually by clicking the "DOWNLOAD" button under each thumbnail.

Are you ready for another batch? Press the "CLEAR" button to restart. You can use this tool as many times as you like for free.