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Free Online Tools

We the Plotterwave team are excited to presented to you a collection of free online tools that will make your life easier. Our tools requires no software installation, which means you can use our free tools from anywhere at anytime.

Image: Image Resizer Tool

Image Compressor

Compress images using the best image compressor. It uses a smart optimization algorithm to shrink images to the minimum possible size while maintaining the image quality

Image: Image Resizer Tool

Image Resizer

Plotterwave provides an efficient image resizer tool, which resize an image into several social media(including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc) image sizes. You have an option to download it as a zipped, jpeg, or png file.

Image: Image Resizer Tool

Avatar Creator

Create customised avatar which you can use for social media profile pictures. With Our avatar creator tool, you can create beautiful artistic avatar that represents your personality, you can also use our avatar for NFT. Anonymous Poll Creator

Anonymous Poll

Create free anonymous poll for Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and more. Your polls are 100% anonymous and you can view the results using your favorite web browser. Email validator

Email Validator

You can verify an email and confirm it's validity before sending mail to it, this is helpful especially to email marketers. With our email validator tool you can validate any email address just for free. Qr code generator

Qrcode Generator

Our free Qr code generator tool enables you to generate Qr code for vcard, business card, event, WiFi, bitcoin, sms, email, facebook, twitter, linkedin, service rating and many more. This tool requires no software installation. Qr code scanner

Qrcode Scanner

The perfect tool to scan your Qr Codes from anywhere at any time with ease. With our Qr code scanner you can easily scan any Qr code either by uploading the Qr code image file or using your device webcam or camera. Wish and Gift card

Wish Card

Explore over 1000 free customisable wish card designed for birthday, wedding anniversary, holiday, thanksgiving and any other occasions.