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Rating Qr Code

What exactly is a Rating QR Code?

A Rating QR Code is a solution that connects a QR Code to a configurable rating page to assist anybody wishing to gather ratings for their products or services. Your audience or customers may scan the QR Code and rate your goods or service in seconds. You will receive an email update every time they leave a rating. Furthermore, your Rating QR Code includes an automatically generated short URL that you may share on other platforms such as social media, email, or text message.

How does a Rating QR Code assist me in collecting ratings?

  1. Customers may be easily connected with a rating link.

    A Rating QR Code is an excellent way to gather ratings since it provides all of the information a consumer requires to give a rating for a specific product or service in an easy-to-read manner. Each time someone leaves a review, you will receive an immediate email update, which you can then post, for example, on your own website. You may also gather ratings from your fans on other sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by using the same short URL provided by your Rating QR Code.

  2. Designed to work on any device.

    It is critical for success to ensure that your information is viewable on all devices. As a result, the content on your QR Code rating page has been optimized for all platforms, including desktop, tablets, and smartphones. You will never miss out on a rating because someone is unable to watch the material!

Have more questions?

No, you may use a Rating QR Code to show ratings on your own website using your own rating system. They are not, however, automatically shown. You may utilize a URL QR Code to connect consumers to public review sites like Google or Trustpilot.
This is determined by how you phrase the question on your rating page. You can describe a single product, a group of items, or even your entire brand (but note that a customer can only leave one rating per QR Code). To minimize confusion, it's best to focus on one product or service where your Rating QR Code will be displayed.
90% of shoppers check reviews before making a purchase, with many only doing so if the rating is higher than four stars. Ratings and reviews provide potential consumers a reason to trust your brand, which is critical for any business in today's world.