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Event QR Code

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Event Qr Code

What exactly is an Event QR Code?

An Event QR Code is a solution that makes event marketing and planning simple. Users can easily scan the QR Code, read all event details such as time and location, and link to your preferred ticketing site to purchase tickets, making it ideal for print marketing materials. With a single press, they may add the event details immediately to their digital calendars. It has never been easier to publicize and arrange an event!

How can an Event QR Code assist me in marketing and planning events?

  1. All of your event information in one easy location

    A QR Code for an Event is an excellent tool for event marketing and registration. They present detailed information about your event on an event page that is mobile-optimized and visible on any device. Users just need to scan your QR Code to browse the event, purchase tickets, and add the event to their digital calendar. Done and finished!

  2. Print products are ideal for event marketing.

    Because QR Codes allow users to effortlessly shift from print to mobile, this approach is very beneficial for print marketing materials. They no longer see an ad and then have to search for your links later—while you can only hope they do. It's simply too inconvenient. QR Codes make the links immediately accessible to any smartphone user, resulting in better and faster event attendance.

Have more questions?

Yes, if you create the event on Facebook and then use that URL for the CTA button on your Event QR Code.
Yes, the only need is that your CTA button redirects to a website with a scheduling service that allows event registration, such as Eventbrite.
Yes, if you've utilized an event tool or built a link where visitors can purchase tickets, you may use this link to bring them to your CTA button.
If no registration or ticket purchase is required, just use the Event QR Code to show all of your event's data without any further connections. Your attendees will be able to save the event information to their calendars immediately.