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Can I convert an email to a QR code?

You absolutely can! You can simply create a whole email enclosed within a QR Code with our QR Code Generator for email. This solution, also known as Email QR Code, is particularly handy if you want to make it easier for your audience or customers to contact you.

What is the purpose of an Email QR Code?

  1. Human mistakes are reduced.

    When sending an email, the first step is to launch an email client, which can be either an app or a browser. Then, in the body of the email, a target email address is manually input, followed by the topic and the email's content. By inputting everything by hand, there is a chance of misreading the email address, resulting in an unsent email or an email sent to the wrong recipient. However, with an Email QR Code, all that is required to send the proper email to the intended recipient is to scan and send.

  2. Enhances consumer interaction

    If you're a service provider or a product maker, an Email QR Code is the ideal approach to gather rapid feedback from a consumer. Apply the Code immediately to your packaging or all of your marketing and promotional items so that people may contact you without having to navigate through your website to find your email address.

  3. Implementation costs nothing.

    Who doesn't appreciate getting free things? Yes, our Email QR Code is 100% free. The cost of creating, downloading, and using is ZERO. And guess what else? It never runs out! You will receive emails sent from this sort of QR Code as long as your email address is still valid.

Have more questions?

It may be printed on any promotional or marketing material, such as business cards, product packaging, or invitation cards to encourage attendees to RSVP.
No, it won't. Because an Email QR Code is a type of Static Code, once produced, it is yours forever and will never expire.
Unfortunately, scan statistics are not available for this QR Code format.
Yes. The QR Code will continue to function and be scannable, but you will not get the email if it was sent. Your audience may easily update the email address after it has been scanned, but it contradicts the purpose of having an Email QR Code in the first place, which is to provide convenience and eliminate the trouble of entering manually.
The simplest method to test this is to open your device's camera app, hold it over any QR Code, and check whether a notice appears. If not, see if you have the "QR Code scanning" option enabled on your device. If it still doesn't work, all you have to do is go to your app store and download a third-party QR Code reader or QR Code scanner.