How To Get 20GB MTN Data Bundle By Completing 3MTT Foundational Courses

In today’s latest 3MTT Nigeria news, we’ll dive into the details on how to get a 20GB MTN data bundle by completing your 3MTT Foundational Courses. Stick with us to learn more!

Understanding 3MTT Foundational Courses

The 3MTT Foundational Courses are essential prerequisites for participating in the 3MTT Programme. Completing all mandatory courses and at least one Career Essential in your selected track can propel you to the next 3MTT cohort.

Special Offer from 3MTT Nigeria and MTN Nigeria

To incentivize learners, 3MTT Nigeria has partnered with MTN Nigeria to provide a 20GB MTN data bundle and LinkedIn Premium Scholarships to the first 2,000 fellows who complete their foundational courses. If you want to be among the lucky recipients, here’s how you can do it:

Steps to Complete Your 3MTT Foundational Courses

  1. Access the Learning Portal: Visit the 3MTT Nigeria learning portal at 3MTT Learning Portal and log in to your dashboard.
  2. Navigating the Dashboard:
    • On a Computer: All options will be visible on the dashboard.
    • On a Mobile Phone: Click on the Menu and wait for the options to load.
  3. Selecting the Courses: Click on the “Foundational Courses” tab from the available options.
  4. Engage with the Content: A list of courses will be displayed. Begin learning by watching the videos for each course and completing the subsequent assessments.

Eligibility for the Next Cohort

After completing your foundational courses, ensure you fill out the form available at Eligibility Form to be eligible for the next cohort.


By following these steps, you can not only advance your career with 3MTT Nigeria but also enjoy the perks of a 20GB MTN data bundle and LinkedIn Premium. So, don’t wait! Complete your foundational courses today and claim your rewards.

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